Get Close


This campaign is the latest offering in Batiste’s new brand platform, Yes You Can.

Batiste gives women the power to grab life by the hair and style it anyway they want. To say yes to life’s spontaneous moments and style them out with confidence – yes you can! The new 2in1 dry shampoo & conditioner product is no exception, so we needed to ensure that our new campaign fitted into the bags-of-attitude, fresh and modern world that BMB have created for Batiste, while also communicating the unique 2in1 product benefits.

To do this, we dramatised the crucial difference: not only does it refresh your hair like a normal dry shampoo, it conditions it so that it’s silky smooth – and, bonus alert, it’s invisible. The new Batiste 2 in 1 gives you gorgeous touchably soft hair – whatever your hair type – so you can get closer than ever before, and you can’t keep your or anyone else’s hands off it. In our cinema, VOD, online and OOH campaign, we show a series of people ‘getting closer’ physically and emotionally thanks to Batiste.

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