March 30th: State of the Nation


On March 30th 2017, the day after Prime Minster Theresa May invoked Article 50, BMB supported an event run by SLS Research, entitled State of the Nation. An exploration of two separate but interlinked strands of the UK Nation: What does Britishness mean in UK society? What are the attitudes, hopes, ambitions and dreams of working people in Britain today?


The world has had several shocks in the last year from Brexit to Trump. Never has it been more important for marketers, planners, creatives and insight specialists to understand what’s happening in culture and what it means for brands and their comms. Most of us know how our peers and friends think, but what are the views and lives of those outside of our own filter bubble? 


Our speakers and topics of conversation included:


Chris Arning: Owner of Creative Semiotics and expert in UK culture

An exploration into the quirks of the British psyche and how it related to Brexit.


Steven Lacey: Managing Director of SLS: UK’s leading researcher into white working class audiences

Having conducted a year-long study researching the Facebook posts of the white working class in the aftermath of Brexit, Steven discusses the “Working Class Echo Chamber”.


CJ Clarke: Award winning photographer and film maker

CJ talked about his book ‘The Magic Party Place’ and the lives of those he has documented when returning to his hometown of Basildon. Inadvertently, documenting the roots of the Leave campaign.


It was a sold-out event but we now have the podcasts up of each talk for your listening pleasure. Each talk starts with an intro from Steven Lacey into the nature of the speakers and talks. You can listen here or on our Soundcloud page.

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