Sorry, I’ve Got My Hands Full

Hula Hoops

Hula Hoops challenged us to develop a campaign that would appeal to more households than ever before. Those fun little hoops are practically a national obsession, with men, women and children eating them off their fingers whenever they can, no matter how high the stakes. Our idea focuses on fusing this natural behaviour with crunch moments.

In the first execution, we observe the comedic confrontation between a cashier and a bank robber. The robber bursts in and tries his luck only to be met by a cashier with Hula Hoops on her fingers who delivers the line, “Sorry love. I’ve got my hands full’. As his day takes a turn for the worse, hers just keeps on getting better, thanks to the simple fact of having her hands full of Hula Hoops. The campaign launched first on social media, but will run on TV, online and be activated in-store.

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