Ramadan Refreshers



From traditional juices to modern mocktails

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Our generous idea

Ramadan is a key purchasing period for the brand, as ethnic consumers focus on rehydration and energy replenishment during the month-long fast.

We needed a disruptive idea that would put Rubicon front of mind before and during the fast.

The work that made the campaign

Inspired by the new breed of native social recipe content from the likes of Proper Tasty, we created a series of short and snackable social videos that reached out of your feed and grabbed you by the mangos.

Partnering with a Muslim mixologist, we took traditional recipes and gave them a modern twist; but also brought a few new things to the table, creating a suite of booze-free cocktails that might appeal to a younger generation of UK Muslims who, at other times of the year, have a more relaxed attitude to alcohol.

Having introduced Tye, our mixologist, in the week before Ramadan, we shared 15 short & snappy recipes over the 4-week fasting period, with the full range of exotic Rubicon flavours at the heart of each of our drinks.

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