The Three Bears


3 Bears

The client brief was simple, how do you encourage more people to put more honey on their porridge. We wanted to find the ultimate advocates for porridge and honey, who better than The Three Bears. But the world had moved on since the original fairytale, we knew we needed to update the story for a modern audience.


Meet Matt, Joel and Phil – the bigger, grizzlier and infinitely more fabulous Three Bears. They’re the stars on our exciting new cookery show from Rowse honey. They live together in a rustic wooden lodge surrounded by nature. Each episode sees them creating delicious new porridge recipes using Rowse honey and follows their hilarious antics along the way. 


The campaign launches with three online episodes following a 60 second teaser trailer, supported by OOH, social activity that offered further bear approved recipe ideas, and even a Stylist cover wrap. 

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