Nov 8th: State of the Nation


On November 8th 2017, almost a year since Donald Trump was the surprise winner of the US election, BMB invited a number of speakers to examine the effects of anger. The last few years have seen a number of upsets around the world, with many people simply saying they were fed up with the way things were. This decade has become defined by anger and we thought it was high time we looked into it.

Our speakers and topics of conversation at the sold out event included:

Jamie Inman: Head of Planning, BMB/ Ian Murray – Founder, House51

After spending the back half of 2017 researching and investigating the mood of the nation, Jamie and Ian will be explaining the surprising upside of anger and how it can in fact be seen as a force for good in today’s climate.

Nazima Kadir, Anthropologist

The anthropology of trolling. An urban anthropologist with a PhD in Anthropology from Yale. Nazima will explore the cultural undertones of trolling, focusing on hate speech and threats of sexual violence against women writers and speakers.

Haras Rafiq, CEO, Quilliam

The chief executive of counter-extremist think-tank spoke on his experiences with radicalization in Britain. The title: ‘Anger- the triple threat facing our liberal, secular societies’


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