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Campaign to End Loneliness

Our latest piece of work for Campaign to End Loneliness, following the success of last year’s The Loneliness Project”.

Research from the Campaign to End Loneliness (CTEL) reveals more than half of UK adults (54%) feel it has been a long time since they made a new friend. With loneliness and isolation on the rise, BMB and the Campaign to End Loneliness have joined forces to resolve the problem – using the power of six year-olds.

Everyone knows that that it’s easy to make friends and strike up conversations when you’re a kid – so CTEL is taking children as their inspiration. CTEL and BMB sent out children accompanied by adults into a café where typically solitary and un-sociable people tend to keep themselves to themselves. With the help of hidden cameras, we filmed these adorable children approach young and old adults sat alone and ask to be their friend

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