CALM x Topman

BMB have created a product and event that was the definition of celebrity gone mad, and then turned it on its head to open up the conversation around the high rates of depression around young British men.

On Monday, Love Island’s Chris Hughes revealed he was launching a new mineral water through Topman called L’Eau de Chris. A product that promised to be infused with his tears. It was the definition of celebrity gone mad, realised in a launch film shot by Rankin. The announcement caused a huge public outcry with Chris being ridiculed by the likes of the Daily Mail and OK! magazine.

The following day at the official launch event, Hughes revealed the truth behind the stunt. He explained that he and Topman have joined forces with CALM to launch #DontBottleItUp. Coinciding with World Mental Health Day, the campaign aims to show men it’s OK to open up rather than bottle up their feelings and “man up”.

In a complete reversal, the press went from belittling Chris and Topman to praising them for creating a spotlight for an underreported topic affecting the nation. Our favourite was in the Sun: “He’s Got Bottle!”

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