The Loneliness Project

Campaign to End Loneliness

BMB have launched a thought-provoking new campaign, for the Campaign to End Loneliness, designed to raise awareness around the UK’s growing loneliness epidemic and to help end the stigma surrounding it.

In a hard-hitting social experiment, a young man is challenged to ‘Go It Alone’ for an entire week with no phone, wifi or contact with the outside world. The resulting video diary intimately captures the struggle with solitude. At the end of his secluded week, the young man meets his neighbour, a retired journalist who has written extensively on the subject since the tragic loss of his wife. The two men share their personal experiences of loneliness in a heartfelt exchange and discuss ways of combating the issue.

The online film is part of a wider project to drive public action to tackle loneliness in older age, working with partners from across the UK to inspire thousands of people to take action in their communities, workplaces, and businesses.

Since the film went live, it has been viewed over 28 million times and shared on The Guardian, Buzzfeed, The Sun, LadBible, The Independent, UniLad, The Huffington Post, The Daily Mail, Campaign and Marie Claire.

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